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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. LuxuriaAtlanta
Member since: 02/07/08
Certified Genuine
Couple Him: Straight
Her: Bi

Mail History Drinks
He:  46   6'0   225
She: 33   5'7   120
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Last Online:
1083 days ago
Interest Levels
Tame 3 on a scale of 0-4     Couples 4 on a scale of 0-4
Moderate 3 on a scale of 0-4     Males
Wild 3 on a scale of 0-4     Females 4 on a scale of 0-4
Desired Age Range
23 to 49
Other Info
  • Drinkers OK
  • Smokers OK
    Hosts of Atlanta's most provocative party looking for friends

    Short Tag Line:
    Hosts of Atlanta's most provocative party looking for friends

    I/We are looking for
    We are always looking for new fun-loving friends who enjoy living life to its fullest, especially beautiful women and out-going couples. We are comfortable with full swap, girl/girl, and same or separate room. Whatever feels comfortable at the moment. 13+ years in the lifestyle has given us so many close, wonderful friends and that is the most important aspect of all of this. Sex can be incredible if it's the right time, place and partners, but we find it equally intriguing getting to know people.

    We enjoy entertaining friends in our home in Atlanta, or our vacation homes in Rosemary Beach and Deer Valley. Equally, we like traveling with good friends or road-tripping to meet new ones. We're into the normal sex stuff: toys, videos, B&D-lite (half the carbs, all the fun), lingerie (on the girls), blah, blah, blah and not into pain (especially hangovers) or other perverted acts.

    Describe Yourself:
    As for looks, check out our pics, you'll also find a sample of Luxuria party pictures in our profile also. Due to her profession, her photos appear only in the Private gallery.

    On the surface she appears to be the quiet type. The ying to his yang, until the party gets going, then watch out! And while she does have a predominate, underlying wild streak, she is also down-to-earth, plays well with others and enjoys many of the more subtle, finer things in life. She is definitely bi and prefers to begin playtime with a beautiful woman before the guys join in. But she is truly bi - she enjoys men as much as women.

    He is frequently told he looks and acst substantially younger than his age. Too often he hears the Jeff Daniels/Dumb & Dumber comparison (not exactly sure that’s a compliment to either of them). He's in the gym occasionally fending off those few extra Belgium beer pounds. Fashion-wise he normally does not follow the latest Queer Eye clone trends. He favors the more lurid, rocker look, accessorized with the matching personality.

    When not frolicking in deviancy, we like nice restaurants, leisure travel, sophisticated strip clubs, live music, intelligent humor, the great outdoors (beach, skiing, boating, etc), photography and time spent with our extraordinarily great friends. Above all we are diehard hosts at heart. We live to entertain. Whether it's a weekend-long house party, an intimate/elegant dinner (he's a former chef ), group travel or just a lazy Sunday afternoon around the pool, We're your hosts.

    In the Big Picture, we are probably most well known for, and our personalities best described by, the on-going party we host for upscale, engaging couples and single females called Luxuria. The guest list is hand-selected, VIP-only and our events are hosted in Atlanta's trendiest nightclubs, fashionable ultra lounges, chic restaurants and 4 Star hotels (i.e. Opera, Tongue & Groove, The W, Ritz Carlton). The concept of Luxuria sits comfortably between Skin and Bliss, as our quest is to attract fun, sexy people to our outrageously unique parties. We lean more toward Skin, targeting non-lifestyle, yet sexually inquisitive, cosmopolitan couples and females. We create a flirtatious party atmosphere in a mainstream nightclub where these curious couples feel comfortable and relaxed while experienced lifestyle couples indulge in the prelude to playtime. Our auxiliary mission with Luxuria is to provide a stepping stone for couples perhaps not ready to attend a lifestyle party, an on-premise club, or engage in sex with others . . . at least not just yet. (However, the conversion rate is high, and we're in the running for that toaster oven!)

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    A room full of very attractive, very intriguing people have an incredibly sexy time. Wait, that's not a fantasy, that's a Luxuria party and here's the schedule for this year! Mark you calendar now:
    ~ 2012 Party Schedule::
    Eat, Meet & Greet
    The Cheetah
    Executive Lounge (private)
    Sexy Superbowl Party
    Luxe Prive'
    79 Poplar St
    Cupid Undie Run ~ Team Luxuria Angels
    Midtown Atlanta
    Carnaval meets Mardi Gras
    Renaissance Atlanta Midtown
    Priavate Ballroom
    {vip only}
    50 Shades of Lux
    Luxe Prive'
    {vip only}
    Cherry on Top
    Skyline Party
    Rooftop 866
    Spring Fling ~ lingerie soiree
    Luxe Prive'
    {vip only}
    European Pool & toga party
    Hotel Take Over
    {vip only}
    St Martain's Academy for Wayward Women's 12th annual Naughty School Girl Class Reunion
    Luxe Prive'
    79 Poplar Street
    Neon Dayglow Party
    Scared Stiff ~ the sequel
    Swalloween Party
    VIP Appreciation Party
    {vip only}
    Nice n' Naughty LuX-mas
    Hotel Ballroom
    NYE Slumber Party
    Hotel Takeover
    {vip only}

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    That’s us. Welcome to our party. Luxuria events alternate monthly between open-invitation parties held in upscale, very “in” nightclubs (perfect foot wetting outing for newbies); and more intimate, private parties at on-premise clubs and members' homes. Cover charges vary, but SLS members will always get preferential treatment.

    Drop us a note if you are interested in meeting, and/or attending or hosting a Luxuria event in your city. Jeff Daniels and I look forward to partying in your neighborhood.